Statement made in Federal Court
Protesting the war in Iraq
Michael Brix
29 September, 2004

A few months ago my wife sat here and stated that she believed her actions spoke for themselves. I wish to reiterate her sentiments.

We met the morning after war was declared at a meetinghouse for worship to submit ourselves to an authority higher than the one this court represents.
      And our actions spoke for themselves.

We dressed in black to mourn and lament the lives already lost to economic sanctions as well as the Iraqi and American lives that were going to be lost in this upcoming war.
      And our actions spoke for themselves.

We covered our mouths with tape because our president and congress refused to listen to the majority of people in this country and the overwhelming majority of global opinion when we said, "No war on Iraq".
      And our actions spoke for themselves.

We sat in front of this building, declaring that business would not go on as usual.
      And our actions spoke for themselves.

We were removed, bound in cuffs, and placed behind bars - some three dozen to a cell ­- and we sang songs of joy and freedom and liberation. The sounds floated out of our cell and joined in harmony with those in the next cell and the song was free and the message of liberation could not be contained within walls made of stone and iron. We witnessed to another way of life and we saw it manifest in our voices and felt it in our souls.
      And our actions spoke for themselves.

Thank you for letting me share.