Statement made in Federal Court
Protesting the war in Iraq
Jeff Monjack
25 August 2004

What Would Jesus Do?

You would believe our president doesn't use the bathroom without God instructing him to.

I won't let George Bush own God on war.

God hates war.

God hates the maiming, the mines, the bullets, and the disease that war creates. This breaks his heart like no other time.

A few years ago the conservatives demanded WWJD (you know, What Would Jesus Do) when it came to matters below the belt.

But WWJD and war - never has this question been asked. The conservatives and the wealthy pose the question differently - Who Would Jesus Bomb (WWJB). If you listen to current theological articulation by the right-wing, the answer is pretty easy. Who Would Jesus Bomb? Anyone who disagrees with the US, anyone who sits on oil, any chance to make rich Americans richer.

I stand here against the notion that God loves war.

The Sermon on the Mount is pretty clear about WWJD - What Would Jesus Do?

Honest, humble prayerful people who listen to the Word of God will say:

And that in terms of WWJD, we should fear… What Jesus Would Do to US.