Keri-no Murabbo (Mango Marmalade)


6 cups pani (water)


1 cup keri (green or yellow-green mango), grated or cubed

1 cup saaker (sugar)


3 laving (cinnamon sticks)

15 taj (cloves)

15 elchi (cardamom seeds) or

1 teaspoon elchi (cardamom powder)

pinch kesar (saffron)


1.                   Manually squeeze the grated mango. This will make the final murabbo less sour.

2.                   In a large pot, heat the water.

3.                   Add the mango & sugar.

4.                   Bring to boil, then simmer.

5.                   Add the cinnamon, cloves, cardamom & saffron. Mix well.

6.                   Simmer until syrupy.


Source: Kokila