Sambhaari Keri (Spiced mango pickles)


Kaatchi Keri (green or yellow-green mangoes), cut up into large chunks

teaspoon hardar (turmeric)

3 tablespoon mithu (salt)


1 cup saambhaar

2 cups tel (oil)


1.                   Add the turmeric & salt to the mangoes. Mix well.

2.                   Spread paper towels over newspaper laid out on a well-aired surface, preferably sunny. Spread the mango mix onto the towels for several (3-5) hours until dry.

3.                   Add the saambhaar and mix well. Transfer to glass jars.

4.                   Heat the oil, then let cool to room temperature. Top off the mango mix in each glass jar with warm oil. Seal. This should last the year, until raw mangoes are available again.


Source: Kokila