Molaa Theplaa


1 ˝ cup            rotli no lot (chapatti flour)


˝ teaspoon       mithu (salt)

1 ˝ tablespoon tel (oil)

˝ cup               pani (water)

1 tablespoon      tel (oil)


1.                   Mix the flour with the salt. 

2.                   Mix in enough water till it holds together.

2.                   Bind it all together with some oil.

3.                   Break off to 1" balls and roll out to 6-8”.

4.                   In a heavy skillet, pan fry each one, brushing additional oil on each side.


Note: If chapatti flour isn’t available, you can substitute 1 cup of whole wheat flour and ˝ cup all-purpose flour.


Source: Kokila