Moli Puri


2 cups              white flour

2 cups              whole wheat flour


1 teaspoon        mithu (salt)

1 cup                pani (water)

1 tablespoon      tel (oil)


3 cups              oil, for deep frying


1.                   Mix the flours & salt

2.                   Add enough water to make the dough. 

3.                   If the dough is sticky, mix in some oil.  This will free your hands from the sticky mess and allow you to pick up the dough from the mixing bowl.

4.                   Heat about 3 cups of oil

5.                   Break off the dough into ˝” balls.  Roll each one out to 3”. If needed, sprinkle some dry flour on the rolling surface to prevent sticking.

6.                   Test the oil temperature by frying one puri.  If it fluffs into a ball, you've got the right temperature.  If the puri remains that the bottom of the oil, you’ll need to increase the heat.  If, instead, the puri fluffs up and immediately turns brown, you've got the oil too hot. 

7.                   Fry puris one by one, draining them on a platter lined with paper towels or newspaper.


Source: Kokila 1978