Pudlaa (Spicy Crepes)


2 cups chickpea flour

2 teaspoon mithu (salt)

teaspoon hardar (turmeric)

teaspoon hing (asafetida)

teaspoon marchu (cayenne pepper)


1 kaandaa (onions), finely chopped

3 lila marchaa (green chilies), finely chopped

as needed pani (water)


1.       Mix the flour, salt, turmeric, asafetida & cayenne pepper. Add a little water to make a thick smooth paste, making sure that all the lumps are broken up. Add additional water, thinning out the dough to a pour-able batter

2.       Add the onions and chilies.

3.       Heat a heavy-bottomed skillet on high heat. Once hot, reduce the heat to medium. Make a soft spatula by folding a sheet of paper towel four-fold. Dip it in a bowl of water.

4.       Brush on a light layer of oil on the skillet. With a large spoon, ladle out the batter onto the skillet making a 10" circle. Gradually spiral down to the center pouring the batter all the time. Take the wet paper spatula and even out the batter to a uniformly thin crepe. Within just a few seconds, you should be able to separate this crepe, or pudlaa, from the skillet with a regular spatula. Go all around to loosen the pudla and turn it over on the skillet. Lightly brush the top with some oil. Keep checking the underside, waiting for light speckles. Remove and serve hot with a green chutni, date chutni or sweet and sour pickles.


Source: Kokila