1 cup rotli-no lot (chapatti flour)

teaspoon tel (oil)

cup pani (water)


tablespoon tel (oil)


some flour

some ghee


1.                   Mix the flours with the oil. Add enough water till it holds together. Cover the dough and let sit for about an hour.

2.                   Knead the dough with a touch of oil for about 30 seconds.

3.                   Pour some flour into a bowl and heat a heavy bottomed skillet over medium heat.

4.                   Break off into 1 balls. Roll each out to 5-6, dipping both sides in the bowl of flour when too sticky to roll out. If enough dry flour is used, and pressure alternated between left and right sides of the pin, the rotli will rotate while rolling out.

5.                   Place the rolled out rotli on the hot skillet. As soon as it begins to form bubbles, flip over, using tongs or a fork.

6.                   Bake the second side just till one or two pink speckles appear, and larger bubbles are visible. Remove the skillet from the stovetop, remove the rotli from the skillet and cook directly over the flame. Remove as soon as it puffs up (or begins to burn!).

7.                   Spread on some ghee, sparingly, while still hot and store in a closed container to prevent from drying.


Kokila 1978