Thaali Pith


A Maharashtrian staple, simple to make with a subtle flavor of the flours


1/3 cup chapatti  flour

1/3 cup bajri flour

1/3 cup juvar flour


1/3 cup kaandaa (onions), chopped

1/3 cup tametaa (tomatoes), chopped

some    kothmari (cilantro), chopped

some    lilu marchu (green chilies), chopped

some    mithu (salt)

some    pani (water)

some    tel (oil)


1.       Mix the flours, onions, tomatoes, cilantro, green chilies & salt.

2.       Add just enough water to hold it all together.

3.       Heat a skillet on medium heat

4.       Roll the dough into small balls, then press out into a larger circle. You could, optionally, use a rolling pin to get it thinner. If it sticks, sprinkle some flour onto the countertop.

5.       Fry each on the skillet, adding some oil along the outer edge. Cook both sides until crispy.

6.       Serve hot, with plain yogurt.


Source: Kishor, January 2001