Badaam-ni Puri


Ĺ pound††††††††††† badaam (almonds)


Ĺ cup†† ††††††††††† saaker (sugar)

1 tablespoon††††††††††† kesar (saffron)

Ĺ tablespoon††††††††††† elchi (cardamom), powdered


some††† ††††††††††† dudh (milk), optional


1.       Blanch the almonds (boil water, drop the almonds in the boiling water and remove within 15 seconds).

2.       Remove the skin from the almonds & pat dry on a paper towel.Leave out for a few minutes to dry.

3.       Grind the blanched, skinned, dried almonds into a fine powder.

4.       Mix in the sugar, cardamom and saffron.Shape into flat round puri-like form on a cookie sheet.

5.       In an oven, pre-heated at 350, bake for about 8-10 minutes.


Note: The following is a direct transliteration of Prabha-kaki showing Meenal how to make this. Iíve captured it for itís sing-song way of presenting a recipe.

badaam-ne baraaber bafi-ne, chhaal kadhi-ne, thodivaar su-kav-vi.Sukaayaa pachhi te-no jino bhukko kari-ne emaa khand ane el-chi ane thodu kesar nakhi-ne barabar halav-vi-ne gol val-vi.oven ma 350 uper lag-bhag 8 thi 10 minit rakhvi.


Source: Prabha-kaki, Kishor & Meenal