Flavored Ice-creams


˝  gallon plain vanilla ice-cream


Rose Ice-cream

1 teaspoon             rose essence

some                red food color                                        


Kesar Ice-cream

1 tablespoon             dudh (milk)

10-12 strands             kesar (saffron)

1 teaspoon             elchi (cardamom), powdered

some                yellow food color


Kesar-Pista Ice-cream

1 tablespoon             dudh (milk)

8 strands             kesar (saffron)

1 teaspoon             elchi (cardamom), powdered

16                     pista (pistachio nuts), finely chopped

some                green food color


Mango Ice-cream

16 oz                mango pulp

some                red and yellow food color


1.       In choosing the vanilla ice-cream, choose an inexpensive store brand that doesn’t have too strong a vanilla flavor.

2.       Essentially we are making different ice-creams by putting in appropriate flavors and colors. For those with saffron, you would soak the saffron strands in hot milk for about 15 minutes.

3.       Unpack ice-cream onto a countertop, add the flavorings, and knead it all together. You may use blender if you wish.  Put the ice-cream back into the container it came in, seal it and put in the freezer for at least half an hour.


Source: Kishor