Rasgullaa (Sweet milk balls in nectar)


1 gallon whole milk

cup vinegar


1 tablespoon ravo (cream of wheat)


2 cups saaker (sugar)

8 cups pani (water)


1.       Heat milk to the boiling point. Add vinegar and turn off heat. Stir slowly till the milk curdles. Using a colander lined with a dish towel, drain off the liquid. Keep the solids under some weight to squeeze out any remaining liquid.

2.       Add cream of wheat to the curdled milk and knead it till the dough is smooth.

3.       Make a light syrup by bringing the sugar & water to a boil.

4.       Roll the cheese to 1" balls and drop them into the boiling syrup. Do not stir. The balls will fluff up and expand.


Note: Instead of curdling the milk as in step 1, you could replace the whole milk & vinegar with 2 cups of ricotta cheese.


Source: Kishor