Saado Shiro (Plain Shiro)


1 cup †††††††††††††† ravo (cream of wheat) or whole wheat flour

2 tablespoon †††† ghee (clarified butter)


ľ cup ††††††††††††† gol (jaggery or brown sugar), grated

3 cup †††††††††††††† warm water


1 tablespoon †††† draaksh (raisins)

ľ teaspoon ††††† elchi (cardamom seeds), slightly crushed

some †††††††††††††† saffron, mixed in a tablespoon of warm milk

some †††††††††††††† slivered almonds

ľ teaspoon ††††† sounth (powdered ginger)


  1. Saute the cream of wheat and clarified butter on medium heat until it turns pink
  2. Add the sugar and water or milk, along with raisins, cardamom, saffron, slivered almonds & ginger.
  3. When the liquid is absorbed, remove from heat, mixing well.


Note: Use golden raisins for a sweet taste, dark ones for a slightly sour taste

Note: The whole wheat makes Saado Shiro more wholesome than Ravaa-no Shiro, and since itís cooked with water instead of milk, itís lighter.

Note: This is often served to new mothers, especially with the powdered ginger.


Souce: Kokila July 2001