1 cup sour cream

2 cups dahi (plain yogurt)


1 tablespoon dudh (milk)

teaspoon kesar (saffron)


teaspoon elchi (cardamom), powdered

1 cup saaker (sugar)


as desired pista (pistachio nuts), slivers

as desired badaam (almond), slivers

as desired chaaroli


1.       Mix sour cream and yogurt. Spread out a layer of newspapers on a countertop, cover it with paper towels or cheese cloth. Spoon out the sour cream & yogurt mixture on it in a thin layer. Keep it for about half an hour. The water will be absorbed by the paper.

2.       Meanwhile, heat the milk to the scalding temperature and add saffron.

3.       Using a spoon, remove thickened cream into a serving bowl. Add saffron, cardamom & sugar, mixing well. Sprinkle with nuts. Refrigerate before serving.


Source: Kishor