Tul Saankdi (Sesame Crisp)


1 C tul (sesame seeds)

1 tsp ghee(clarified butter)

C gol (jaggery)


1.       Roast the sesame seeds and remove from pan.

2.       Melt the ghee, and add gol.

3.       Melt the gol and, in a bit, add the sesame seeds.

4.       Transfer to a thaali (flat pan), cut to bite-sized diamond-shaped pieces and let cool before breaking up

5.       Store in an airtight container for several weeks.



         Replace sesame seeds with shing-daana (shelled raw peanuts), or daaliya (split roasted chickpeas) to make Shing Saankdi or Daaliya Saankdi

         When melting the gol, add the seeds right-away for a softer, less brittle Saankdi

         For Tul Laadu, instead of transferring the blend to a thaali, let cool just enough to handle, then roll into balls

         For Tul Vut, coarsely grind the roasted seeds with grated gol, then roll into balls



Source: Kokila Jan 19 2002