A traditional Gujraati snack.  All ingredients can be adjusted to preference.  Since all are to be fried, it is best if they are dry to avoid splattering on you.


2 cups dalia (split chick peas)

2 cups shing dana (raw, unroasted peanuts)

2 cups mag ni dal (mung beans, split with skin)

2 cups kaju (cashew nuts), raw, unroasted, broken up

1 cup    draaksh (raisins), golden for sweetness, black for sourness

6 cups powa (pressed rice) or rice krispies


            peanut oil

taj (cloves)

laving (cinnamon stick), broken up into small pieces

mitho limdo (curry leaves)

lilu marchu (green chilies)

            rai (mustard seeds)

            hing (asafetida)

aakha dhaanaa (whole coriander seeds)

variaali (fennel seeds)

ajmo (celery seeds)

methi (fenugreek seeds)


            marchu (cayenne pepper)

            mithu (salt)

            hardar (turmeric)

            saaker (sugar)

limbu na ful (citric acid)


tul (sesame seeds), raw


1.                   Soak the mung beans for several hours. Rinse. Spread to dry completely.

2.                   Chop the green chilies. Spread to dry a little.

3.                   Heat the oil until you see a haze forming on the surface

4.                   Add the cloves, cinnamon, curry leaves & green chilies

5.                   Add the mustard seeds, asafetida, coriander seeds, fennel seeds, celery seeds & fenugreek seeds.

6.                   When the whole spices begin to pop, fry the peanuts, and remove to drain on paper towels

7.                   Fry the chick peas, and remove to drain.

8.                   Fry the cashew nuts, and remove to drain.

9.                   Fry the raisins, and remove to drain.

10.               Lastly, fry the pressed rice. Add some salt, cayenne pepper & turmeric to each batch of the pressed rice while still hot.

11.               Mix the nuts into the pressed rice

12.               Add the sugar and citric acid

13.               Adjust cayenne pepper, salt, sugar & citric acid to taste.

14.               Sprinkle in the sesame seeds

15.               Mix well and store in airtight container.



23 April 2001 Kokila, begrudgingly loaned her kitchen to this messy task!