Bhaaji Vataanaa (Spinach and Peas)


10 oz                bhaaji (spinach), washed and dried


2 tablespoon      tel (oil)

1 large              kaando (onion), chopped

1 teaspoon        jiru (cumin seeds)

3 cloves            lasan (garlic), chopped


1 cup                peas

˝ teaspoon       mithu (salt)

2 teaspoon        chaat masaalaa

1 tablespoon      limbu (lemon juice)


1          Cook spinach on low heat without water. It will release water from within. Cook till the leaves go limp. Puree into a smooth pulp.

2          Heat oil with onion, cumin seeds, garlic.  Sauté until the onion starts changing color.

3          Add the peas. Cook until the peas turn bright colored.

4          Add spinach, salt, chat masaalaa & lemon juice.


Source: Kirit