Flaaver Batekaa (Cauliflower & Potatoes)


4 tablespoon tel (oil)

teaspoon rai (mustard seeds)

teaspoon jiru (cumin seeds)

teaspoon hing (asafetida)

1 suku marchu (whole, dried pepper)


some garam masaalaa

some aadu marchaa (minced ginger root & green chili)


1 head flaaver (cauliflower)

4 medium batekaa (potatoes)


teaspoon marchu (cayenne pepper)

1 teaspoon mithu (salt)

teaspoon hardar (turmeric)

1 teaspoon dhaanaa-jiru (powdered coriander & cumin seeds)

cup pani (water)


1 teaspoon saaker (sugar)

1 tablespoon limbu (lemon juice) or tametu (tomato), chopped

some kothmari (cilantro)


1.                   Trim & break off the flowerets. Discard the leaves and tough stems.

2.                   Peel and chop the potatoes to 1/2" cubes.

3.                   Heat oil in a non-stick pan, adding the mustard seeds, cumin seeds, asafetida and whole pepper. Wait for the seeds to start popping.

4.                   Add the garam masaalaa & minced ginger & green chilies.

5.                   Add the potatoes, then the cauliflower.

6.                   Add the cayenne pepper, salt, turmeric, coriander-cumin powder & water.

7.                   Lower heat and cook for 20 minutes or until potatoes are cooked.

8.                   Add the sugar, lemon juice & cilantro. Mix well.

9.                   Remove from heat.


Variation: Reduce the potatoes & instead add chopped carrots. Takes just as long to cook and adds some color to the dish.


Source: Meenal 7/2001