Ideal members for our Green Pages

Any individual or nonprofit organization is welcome to join our Green Pages.

Here is a list of what we look for in prospective business members:
    Local and Independent retailers, especially those who compete with mega-retailers (coffee shops, office supply stores, drug stores, hardware stores)
    Local and Independent means:
    •    The business is privately held (not publicly traded)
    •    50% of owners live in the region
    •    Business is headquartered in the Greater Cheltenham1 region
    •    Business is able to make independent decisions

    Co-op America, Social Venture Network or Sustainable Business Network (SBN) of Greater Philadelphia Members

    Local Cooperatives or Employee-owned businesses
    Local Independent Businesses that advertise in Community Newspapers
    Sustainable Agriculture and local food systems
    •    Natural Food Stores
    •    Food Co-Ops
    •    Local Farmers
    •    Farmers Markets
    •    Organic Foods
    •    Native Plant Nurseries
    •    Sustainable Fisheries
    •    Sustainable Foresters

    Housing and Low-Impact Building: Members of local Green Building Associations

    Local retailers of environmentally healthy home supplies such as low-VOC plants, FSC certified wood products or energy efficient lighting.

    Local Clothing Manufacturers

    Local Artists, Musicians and Independent Film Theaters

    Fair Trade Businesses (crafts, coffee, chocolate)
    •    Biodiesel makers or resellers
    •    Bike Shops
    •    Electric Vehicles
    •    Local Transit Authorities
    •    Car Sharing Companies

    Waste and Reuse

    Community Capital
    •    Credit Unions
    •    Locally Owned Banks

    Independent Media
    •    Community Newspapers
    •    Local Bookstores

    Recreation and Cultural Exchange
    •    Museums
    •    Local Tour Businesses

    Health Care
    •    Naturopathic Physicians
    •    Yoga and Fitness
    •    Massage


1Greater Cheltenham region includes the following zipcodes in Cheltenham
the following surrounding townships
and the adjoining neighborhoods of the City of Philadelphia

2/21/2011 included criteria from Buffalo First
2/9/2011 included criteria from Co-op America's Green Pages, SBN, BuyLocalPhilly
2/6/2011 added local members of the Sustainable Business Network (SBN) of Greater Philadelphia & Friends & Partners of Transition Cheltenham
2/5/2011 created based on Cheltenham Township Business Directory and the Glenside Chamber of Commerce 2011 members

Meenal Raval 2011-2012