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April 14, 2007
Contact Us
Volunteer Inquiries - Karen Stabenow at stabenow @ comcast.net

Inquiries about the day's Logistics - Jim Primdahl at jprimdahl @ aol.com or (503) 341-3050

Inquiries from Participating Groups - Meenal Raval at meenal @ mtairygreening.net

Spokesperson - Pamela Tudor at ptudor @ comcast.net or (267) 709-3415

Spread the word, let's fill the Mall!
  1. Subsidy shifting full page flyer, based on postcard
  2. Petition as a Word document and as a PDF document
  3. Subsidy shifting cartoon by the B Mettler's
  4. Personal action steps by the Mt Airy Greening Net
  5. Personal carbon footprint calculator (the Form CO2EZ) by the the Mt Airy Greening Net

April 12, 2007 10:05pm