Our People

Afshin Kaighobady 

Known locally as the guy that'll fix anything, relishing the opportunity to use found objects on repair projects, Afshin has narrowed his focus. He's now the community eco-handyman, intent on lowering your carbon footprint & related costs. 

Meenal Raval 

As co-founder of the Mt Airy Greening Net & PhillyFreecycle and a key organizer of the April 2007 Step It Up Philly rally demanding 80% carbon reduction by 2050, Meenal brings skills in software development, community organization & passion into this new venture. 

Betsy Teutsch 

Betsy  joined Meenal in bringing Freecycle to Philadelphia and has moderated the NWPhillyFreeCycle group since its inception.  She is one of the founders of the Green House Detective's original think tank, the Mt Airy Greening Network, MAGNet.  She is an enthusiastic blogger. 

Marie-Jose Dilsizian 

After seeing Al Gore’s film “An Inconvenient Truth”, Marie became aware of our impact on the environment, and wants to use her skills to educate and affect change.  Marie has been working in the Insurance business for almost 20 years. She also has been involved in the Food & Beverage business all her life and currently assists us with management issues.   

Special thanks to our Advisors

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