Our Services

We like to help you feel comfortable at your home.  Our goal is to help you reduce your energy consumtion, and reduce your carbon foot print.

We start by analyzing your utility useage, looking for clues about the high energy used in your house. We will ask for your utility bills (electric, gas, oil and water).
We look at your major appliances, and try to find energy use for each one. This information aslo will create your BASELINE statistics, so we can tracj your use over time, and calculate dollar saving for your home's future conservation efforts.

Based on the information you provide us we can calculating your home's carbon footprint, which is the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by your household in the course of a year. It is measured in pounds or metric tons of carbon dioxide from the burning of various fuels (typically electric, gas & oil). We'll compare your household's energy use with others in the community, city & nation.

Visiting your home. We walk through your home from basement to attic, asking questions and listening to your concerns & observations. You know your home's issues. In the living spaces, we will inspect your doors & windows, looking for drafts that cause heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. We also look at your electrical appliances and try to assess how much energy they use.

Identifying who could implement the recommended tasks. Some you could do yourself. Our specialty is home weatherization and we'd be happy to provide estimates for this. We can also refer you to other specialty contractors for  insulation, replacement windows, boilers, applinaces etc.

Upon request, we can also provide you financial analysis such as estimated savings,  approximate payback time & financing options for some of the larger upgrades.
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